So, it looks like the Totem Spectre project has been revived... again. Actually, it was never really gone to begin with. How could it? 't Is the name I gave to my personal music project and as long as I'm off-and-on producing new material, Totem Spectre essentially exists.

It's just that I haven't commercially released any material for a good while, as that has never been my goal. I did, once, however, release an album on iTunes consisting of brushed-up archive material and actually sold a few copies, but I've long since withdrawn that album - thinking that if I want to do a commercial release, I should put some effort into creating tunes that actually have any commercial merit to begin with.

I've always thought "Happy Valentine" had that, as it's been really well received at the places where it came pounding through the P/A,  and it even went on local radio, but I didn't feel like releasing a song that I have available for free download already - what good would that do? It can still be found here (but you have to be a BandAmp-member to download it).

Now, if you're still reading this, congratulations on being about the second person in the world to do so! Please follow the links below to learn more about the project, it's history, and it's Caretaker, namely me (Puppet Xeno).

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