A selection of pictures. Some random things really, if you want to see some of my photography you should visit my google+ page.

Front of the "Sampler" demo release. Nay, it's no longer available.
That's "Grainshifter" Bas Hilbers on sequencers, and LotteZ on video.
Studiotime with UMF, recording for the Tjarda compilation CD.
Alas, UMF is now defunct, but the old songs are being worked on in the studio for a future release.
Artsy picture of UMF in the studio. This was for the Tjarda CD booklet artwork.
This was used as UMF promomaterial.
This was the UMF "badge" print. Yes there are quite a few of those left, hehehe.
Every punk band needs badges, or you're not a real punk band.
Come and get some.
This is an oldie! From the Volt Stupor project, avant-garde wave band, early 2000's.
Check out those manes. Now those are manes!
And this was one of the incarnations of Volt Stupor. Renate on vox, Ed on guitar and Bas on electronics. The final incarnation had me on guitar, Ed on drums and "Cousin Paul" on bass. Bas would do keys and Renate still on vox.
This is me at Chernobyl; I was in the neighborhood during the Fall 2011 Tour, and I thought, what the heck.

No, wait... This was a work related trip. I am, after all, a professional Radiation Officer.
More recent... A picture from within the rehearsal studio. These studio rooms have seen some massive makeovers since.
And as a yacht owner I should of course put a picture of my boat here. Well it's a weekender really, but great for camping trips, and technically still a yacht. Sails like a charm. I mean, what's a guy with a maritime heritage gonna do without a boat? Drown on dry land? Drown his sorrows? Nay - one buys a boat, of course!